CX Professional

Depending on the size of your organisation, and the nature of its business, you’re probably going to want our Pro or Enterprise plan. Enterprise pricing can vary a lot (and indeed can in some cases be cheaper than $500 a month), but takes into account how many other people around the organisation you’d like to share the results with. This is especially important if you want to share data with your customer service agents or team leaders.

The best way (honestly) to work out what you need is to drop us a line with your requirements and we can then help your work out the best channels to survey (you can do telephone and SMS surveys as an Enterprise customer), the right questions to measure what you value the most, and who the right people in your organisation might be to receive access to the results.

Start with our free trial to get a feel for how easy it is to create and deploy online surveys, including the vast array of different ways you can trigger a survey on a web page. Being able to rapidly pull together a survey and deploy it without incurring any extra cost is a major advantage when your bread and butter is understanding your customers.

We’ve been working with CX professionals in organisations of all sizes for over a decade, and we’re very proud of the tools we’ve developed to help them get quickly to the answers and insight they need. Although we didn’t design the Standard plan specifically for insight professionals, you may find it does what you need if you’re dealing with smaller volumes of individuals.

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