Voice to text conversion and text analysis

One of the distinguishing features of ServiceTick is our ability to gather and analyse verbatim comments.

Spontaneous customer responses can be transcribed from post-call IVR surveys in a matter of seconds and provide a rich source of learning as well as a basis for triggering customer recovery service alerts.

We always recommend that customers are invited to explain why they have given the scores they have. Comments are recorded and can be played back from within the reporting console and shared in training sessions with agents so the “voice of the customer” can really be heard!

Automated voice to text conversion

These sound files can also be automatically transcribed into text. Typically, conversion will be completed and available within the reporting console within 20-30 seconds of the customer leaving the verbatim and we achieve an accuracy rate of +95% on the conversion process.

Verbatim Text Analysis

Once transcribed into text, the customer verbatim left via the IVR Survey (along with customer comments received via Email and SMS responses) can be analysed in real-time inside ServiceTick’s Verbatim Analysis module.

This is a text analytics tool that can be used to conceptualise vast amounts of verbatim comments, to trend the important themes/concepts over time and to spot new themes as they bubble to the surface inside the contact centre. Information is displayed in a map that shows an overview of the main concepts and how they are related.

The interactive nature of the map permits the user to explore examples of concepts, their connections to each other, as well as links to the original comment. ServiceTick can also import files for analysis from other sources, such as research, chat files and even sound files recorded on the phone system.