Service Improvement

By collecting customer-focused metrics such as Net Promoter (NPS), Customer Effort or Satisfaction we can support business strategies, change programmes and industry-specific initiatives. Clients can benchmark service levels and clone best practice across brands, distribution channels, call centre teams or agents.

Sometimes the challenge for service improvement isn’t defining what needs to be done, but rather getting broader buy-in and prioritisation. Real customers feeding back on issues using their own words can really help to bring this to life. Listening to audio of exasperated customers can be very compelling when presenting the need for change.

For each client we build a ‘listening framework’ of channel-specific surveys that gather feedback at key points in the customer journey.  This allows us to identify process pinch-points, highlight the reasons why they happen and prioritise the order in which they should be remedied.

ServiceTick is already being used by a number of the UK’s leading brands:

  • A major UK insurance company deployed ServiceTick to support a company-wide change programme. Feedback gathered via IVR and email surveys allowed management to benchmark service levels and identify best practice across its two brands. Once identified these practices were embedded in the wider sales and service process and brought about a dramatic increase in NPS score across the business.
  • The largest airport organisation in the UK has used ServiceTick to engage staff and management in a service improvement programme. They credit the immediacy and transparency of the feedback with improving service levels and airport appearance and contributing to customer strategy development.
  • A leading global hotel group has used feedback gathered by ServiceTick to support a cultural change programme across the organisation.