Proposition Development

Customer feedback can be filtered by touchpoint but also by product type. This allows clients to identify issues relating to specific propositions and determine where improvements need to be made. Email surveys are particularly valuable in this respect, allowing the measurement of product performance based on robust sample sizes.

Not only can ServiceTick help you refine existing products and categories, but we can also help you understand whole new areas of opportunity as well. Identifying unmet customer needs, which are often voiced as frustrations, can open up new customer propositions and support a broader innovation programme. It can be the fuel that drives these critical initiatives and ensures your business stays relevant to your customers.

Why Customer Experience has become crucial to building brand relationships

Last week I considered how difficult it has become to build a brand by creating a unique product or a differentiated positioning. The holy grail of product superiority has been made even more elusive by globalised manufacturing processes that bring products to market more swiftly; and the heyday of advertisers telling customers how they should view their brands has been swept away by the inexorable rise of social media.


From the Information Age to the Age of Experience - how should you respond?

“Never make predictions; especially about the future” Casey Stengel, one-time manager of the New York Yankees baseball team offered many a wise word including this judgement on predicting the future. But we are all creatures of habit, particularly in the world of business; and so, at the start of the year, commentators like to predict what might happen over the next 12 months.