Compliance & TCF

With regulation and consumer protection an increasingly prevalent fact of business life companies need to ensure they meet requirements and avoid hefty financial penalties. With a significant number of financial clients ServiceTick well understands compliance issues.

A number of our clients use ServiceTick to fulfil the requirements of the ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ initiative. Other companies publish ServiceTick satisfaction scores on their website to give prospective customers the confidence engendered by existing customers’ ‘word of mouth’ endorsement of the brand.

By simply asking the question “Do you feel like you’ve been treated fairly by us today?” you can present a body of evidence to show regulators that you are actively managing this concern, and indeed by acting on any negative responses a lot of money and reputational capital can be saved by dealing with issues before they become formal complaints.

Why Customer Experience has become crucial to building brand relationships

Last week I considered how difficult it has become to build a brand by creating a unique product or a differentiated positioning. The holy grail of product superiority has been made even more elusive by globalised manufacturing processes that bring products to market more swiftly; and the heyday of advertisers telling customers how they should view their brands has been swept away by the inexorable rise of social media.


From the Information Age to the Age of Experience - how should you respond?

“Never make predictions; especially about the future” Casey Stengel, one-time manager of the New York Yankees baseball team offered many a wise word including this judgement on predicting the future. But we are all creatures of habit, particularly in the world of business; and so, at the start of the year, commentators like to predict what might happen over the next 12 months.