Brand Management

Service industries are entirely dependent on their customer-facing staff to create the ‘moments of truth’ that define a customer’s perception of the brand. Customer feedback programmes can ensure that your core values are being delivered through your customer service activity.

We can define surveys specifically geared to gathering your customers’ perception of the extent to which you match up to your brand proposition. Agent-level results can pin-point advisers who excel or under-perform in ‘living the brand’. And we can support the effective embedding of a brand programme based on hard experience of best practice:

  • A clear explanation of why the programme is being implemented and what the expected outcomes are (sharing of vision)
  • Demonstration of leadership involvement
  • Evidence of how feedback is guiding individual development programmes and improved performance
  • Constant communication on how the programme is going at an individual, team and company-wide basis.

One of our clients has taken three years to fully embed the feedback programme. It has resulted in an improvement in NPS, an uplift in sales conversion and a reduction in ‘cost to serve’. More importantly our feedback programme “now influences management behaviour and decision making, rather than simply being a reporting process”