Web surveys

Unlock the reasons why users struggle with your website

From Google Analytics to session replay software like SessionCam, there is no end of tools available to help the conversion specialist. Machine-learning is an invaluable way of monitoring customer behaviour; but it cannot tell you what's going on inside the head of your online prospect.

Our new User Feedback Tool is designed to give you a user-eye view of where your website needs to improve. And, what’s more, it’s completely self-service, letting you design and modify to produce the survey you want.

The ServiceTick User Feedback Tool has all the attributes you'd expect - customisable design, range of question types, intuitive editing, mobile-optimised, intelligent real-time reporting - but it also offers features that will help you unlock added value:

  • Enterprise-class ServiceTick reporting console – reports highlight score profiles, trend data and summarise KPIs. 
  • Wide choice of survey trigger options – surveys can be prompted by mouse-click, screen tap on specific site features, web page loads, clicks into a feedback button.
  • Range of configuration options - delayed Launch; IP address restrictions; repeat launching restrictions; random selection - only a sample of users are surveyed.
  • Alerting - low numeric responses or key words (disappointed, complaint, Ombudsman) will trigger  an email alert that will be sent to designated individuals
  • Integration with session replay - data from User Feedback surveys can be passed into SessionCam, the leading session replay solution. This allows SessionCam clients who use ServiceTick as their VoC solution to segment their data by VoC metrics and investigate the links between customer feedback (what the customer feels about the online journey) and correlate this to the amount of struggle evident within a customer's online journey.


Web surveys come into their own for:

  • Mapping feedback at different points on the online customer journey
  • Monitoring performance of agents delivering support via webchat
  • Proposition development (surfacing unmet needs)
  • Optimising web sites and conversion activity.

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