Web surveys (new)

Gather feedback on your customers’ experience of your online channels and webchat service.


  • Low-cost – but this is slightly off-set by lower response rates than IVR or email
  • Delivered at point of experience and can be used to assess webchat experience
  • Minimal drop-off during the survey – once started customers tend to get most of the way through
  • Can accommodate more questions than IVR or SMS – creates chance to probe more issues.


  • Custom design – email templates and online surveys designed to reflect brand identity or co-branded with ServiceTick
  • Multiple question types and free-form comment boxes
  • Survey logic allows multiple routes through a survey based on the answers provided by the customer
  • ServiceTick captures and stores every piece of information – even if the survey is part-completed
  • Results are immediately available in our online console
  • ‘Red flag alerts’ based on the customer’s response to individual questions or text provided in a verbatim can be configured to automatically surface an issue and allow a recovery process to be initiated
  • All data captured under SSL encryption and stored in our secure hosting environment
  • Scales can be enhanced (smiley/sad faces; colour-coding) to ensure clear understanding of scales. 


Web surveys come into their own for:

  • Mapping feedback at different points on the online customer journey
  • Monitoring performance of agents delivering support via webchat
  • Proposition development (surfacing unmet needs)
  • Optimising web sites and conversion activity.

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