SMS surveys

Simple and straightforward capture of customer feedback at the point of experience. Very effective for capturing a single KPI (NPS or CSAT) and reason why


  • Almost universal access - 9 out of 10 UK adults have a mobile phone (7 out of 10 a smartphone)
  • Mobiles 'ever-present' and 'always on'
  • Customers complete the survey at a time to suit them
  • Relevant - uses the medium that customers use to contact you
  • 20-25% response rates.


  • Can be delivered as text message out and text message back (‘ping pong’) or...
  • Link to online survey embedded in text message
  • Opt out option can be delivered with first message
  • Responses processed and available to view in real-time
  • Short code available to eliminate any risk of cost to respondent.
  • ‘Red flag alerts’ based on the customer’s response to individual questions or text provided in a verbatim can be configured to automatically surface an issue and allow a recovery process to be initiated.


  • Short surveys that track a single KPI (e.g.NPS, Effort, CSAT) and reason why
  • Point-of-purchase/transaction feedback
  • Feedback on agent performance
  • Mapping KPIs at different points on the customer journey
  • Customer recovery

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ServiceTick recruits leading mobile technology guru

ServiceTick, the feedback company that helps some of the UK's largest companies keep a finger on the pulse of what their customers feel, has recruited Paul O’Brien to the new role of Technology and Innovation Director.