Real-time Voice of the Customer insight

Generate immediate and actionable multi-channel customer feedback.

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Track and benchmark Effort, NPS and CSAT

Collect customer-focused metrics and benchmark by touchpoint.

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Manage and improve agent performance

Use feedback for performance management and rewards.

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Enable pro-active customer recovery

Reduce complaints and win-back lost customers.

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Is your customer experience programme driven by a truly customer-centric approach?

“The customer is not dependent upon us; we are dependent upon him.

Happy staff equal happy customers – the essential contribution of employees in customer experience

Until quite recently corporate lore held that, of the three primary stakeholders in any business, the shareholder should take precedence over customers and employees.

How leadership is essential to a successful service improvement programme

In my last post I talked about the importance of having a core ideology and referenced a number of companies that had successfully embedded a core purpose and values.

The vital role of a core ideology in first class customer service

In 1994 Jim Collins and Jerry Porras published the first edition of their seminal work, “Built to last”.

Why action is better than analysis when it comes to customer experience

In my last blog I suggested that doing can be better than analysing.