Real-time Voice of the Customer insight

Generate immediate and actionable multi-channel customer feedback.

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Track and benchmark Effort, NPS and CSAT

Collect customer-focused metrics and benchmark by touchpoint.

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Manage and improve agent performance

Use feedback for performance management and rewards.

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Enable pro-active customer recovery

Reduce complaints and win-back lost customers.

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New white paper on NPS, Effort and CSAT

Business is increasingly focused on using customer feedback to improve customer experience.

Running ahead of the pack – ServiceTick’s customer support service gets excellent benchmark scores

We pride ourselves on delivering a first rate support service to our customers.

Making the numbers add up – how feedback metrics can fundamentally change business process

I started this series of blogs by asserting that feedback is about more than just the numbers and I’ve identified over the past few weeks how you can get more from your customer surveys.

Big Data. Wood for trees?

‘Big data’ is a term much used these days and there is no denying that brands have access to unparalleled amounts of information about their customers; but does this make the insight they generate any better?

Scores on the doors – what’s the best survey metric for your business

The measurement of customer feedback, like any business discipline, is in a constant state of evolution.